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The Beginning

Before the start of the pandemic, I was a single working mom. I spent my days being an HR professional and my nights struggling to grasp motherhood. I say grasp because being a first-time mother is difficult. You're learning along with them, which can be scary at times.

Nonetheless, we were making it. Sophie had just turned nine months old. She was starting to explore more of the world around her. I felt guilty often because she was at daycare full-time. That overly sinking feeling of being a terrible mother hit me hard. I wanted something different. I wanted to be different. Not just for me, but for her as well. There was this need inside me to be a fighter. I've always been outspoken. That desire slowly dimmed down when I became a mother. I got swept up into only thinking about my daughter's needs. I quickly lost my own.

Two weeks into March 2020, my job announced lay-offs. The lay-offs were due to COVID-19. It was only supposed to be for a week or two. I was one of the lucky ones. HR didn't get laid off. Someone still had to do payroll, handle employee relations issues, and be prepared for the pending return. It did mean I would get to spend time working from home. Unfortunately, daycares shut down as well. Let me tell you, working from home with a nine-month-old baby, is not what it's all cracked up to be. Nevertheless, I got to give Sophie extra kisses, snuggle with her during nap-time, and watch her build those leg muscles to stand. It was amazing.

During one of Sophie's naps (my breaks), I found Tiktok. Of course, I've heard of Tiktok before then. The issue is that I never wanted any part of it. Tiktok was a silly app to me. Simply put, I thought it was for teenagers. However, a friend sent me a "Karen" in a fit about a dog park. The comments drew me in. Just the way people were roasting her made me laugh. I got into the dancing as well. Now, I'm no dancer. I failed many times to follow trends. Luckily I realized that it wasn't for me. I even tried to cosplay. I'm sure that part will come as a shock to many. Reader, know I'm smiling as I write this last part. I didn't join Tiktok to be what many conservatives consider me -a menace, racist, evil bitch, etc. I joined to have an outlet. Laugh. Dance. Be me. I just so happen to find a calling.

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Callie Lablanc
Callie Lablanc
Feb 17, 2022

Love to hear more about you and how you started your amazing fight! thank you for all you do! I’m biracial and what you would call “whitewashed” and have always been ashamed of my heritage as even my black mother whitewashed herself in many ways that her skin couldn’t. I always felt being ”too black” even in my own family was looked down on as my mother would even hide or have our father take us places just so people wouldn’t know we were mixed kills me to this day. Your page and your continual fight against racism and being proud of who we are has helped me to not only embrace myself but be a better ally to those…

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