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How to Go Viral on Soundcloud

Having a viral Soundcloud page can propel your career to the next level. However, it's not as easy as just recording a catchy song or creating an interesting podcast. To become a viral hit, you'll need to cater your content and profile to current trends, develop a loyal fanbase, and hone your Soundcloud page so that it attracts a wide audience. If you're talented and put in the effort and hard work, you can make your Soundcloud page go viral.

Pick a recognizable username and custom URL for your Soundcloud.

Your username should be clean, simple, and easy to search for. If you use strange punctuation or spacing, people may have a hard time finding your profile when they search for you. In addition, it’s usually best to make your Soundcloud URL as short as possible so that people can manually type it in if they want to.[1]

For instance, if your band was named Fish, a good Soundcloud URL would be

To change your username and URL, click the edit button under the profile header on your SoundCloud page.[2]

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2 Create a memorable, original photo for your avatar.

Your avatar should be clear, easily recognizable, and memorable. Do not use stock images or things found on Google Images. Try to make your avatar synonymous with your music, audio, or show. This will help you stand out among other artists on Soundcloud.[3]

A good avatar could be a picture of you, a photo you took, your name, or the name of your podcast.


Choose a header that reflects your content and personality.

For instance, if you create dark music, your header should also be dark. If you create light and happy pop music, your header should reflect that with bright and happy colors. If you have a popular podcast, you can use your logo or banner as the header for your Soundcloud.[4]

To change your header, navigate to your profile and click the "Change Header" button on the top right side of the screen.[5]

4Include your story on your Soundcloud page.


Explaining your story and talking about your passions will foster a deeper connection between you and the people that listen to your audio content. The more that people can relate to you as a person, personality, or artist, the more likely they are to enjoy what you create.[6]

2Building Your Fanbase

Share your Soundcloud URL wherever you can.

Post your Soundcloud page on your social media profiles. Encourage people to like and share your content so that you get more plays. If you have a website, display a link to your Soundcloud page predominantly on the front page. You can also include the link in your social media profile descriptions.[7]

Your post can say something like “I’m about to drop a new podcast! Check out my show on Soundcloud!”

You can also add your Soundcloud link to your signature on emails.

Identify your ideal fans.

Find online communities, message boards, and popular websites for your ideal fans. This will give you insight into their likes, dislikes, and listening preferences. Figure out if your ideal fan is the type to go to music festivals or stay in and relax. This will help you create new content that better fits their tastes.[8]

You can find online communities on sites like Reddit, Genius,, and Yahoo! Music.

3Add comments to your own tracks to interact with fans.


· Click on the waveform on the bottom of a track and type in a comment to interact with people who listen to it. You can talk about your audio production process, or ask your fans for feedback. Feedback will help you create trending content and develop a deeper connection with fans.[9]

Consistently post new content. Fans will look out for new content. If you go silent for too long, you may lose out on potential plays and the buzz surrounding your audio. Keep working to create new mixtapes, songs, tracks, or episodes.[10]

Interact with fans and artists on social media. Engaging with fans and other artists will increase your exposure and bring more awareness to your audio and your brand. Like, follow, and comment on social media. Don’t badmouth or yell at fans, because it could turn people off to your content.[11]


Get influencers to play your content on their platforms. Influencers or taste-makers include DJs, Youtubers, music critics, and popular social media personalities. Getting them to post or play your content will give it a lot more exposure than it would regularly get. Message tastemakers in the audio genre you’re creating and ask them to post or play your content.[12]

·Some influencers will post content for free, while others will charge you a fee.

Making Trending Music

1Determine the current trends in music.

Look at the Billboard Hot 100 and Soundcloud’s most played tracks to see what genres and styles of music are trending. Listen to popular artists and tracks so that you know what people are listening to right now.[13]

Popular genres of music include rock, hip-hop, r&b, country, and pop.

2 Collaborate with other popular musicians.

Reach out to musicians you want to collaborate with by contacting their manager. If you can't get ahold of them, try to reach out to the artist directly through social media. This is a great way to increase your exposure.[14]

Some artists and producers may charge a fee to be featured on a track.

When you create a song with another artist, shout them out in the track description by using the @ symbol followed by their Soundcloud username.

3Upload songs that are between 3-5 minutes long.


Most listeners have a limited attention span, so songs that are 3-5 minutes long are more likely to trend. While you don’t have to always follow this rule, it’s a good guideline to help you determine how long your songs should be.[15]

4Tag your music to make it easier to find.

Stick with popular tags for the genre of music you’re creating. Be as honest and accurate as possible. You can tag your tracks under the “Basic Info” tab under the track description. Tags will help new people find your music.[16]

For example, if you produced drum & bass music, you could use the tags #house, #winter, #low-fi, and #118bpm.

If you are a rapper who makes trap music, you can use the hashtags #trapmusic, #rap, #hiphop, and #NewMusic.

5Alter your music based on song popularity.

If you notice that a particular track was especially popular, you should try to emulate that sound on a follow-up track. Use tools like Soundcloud Pro and YouTube Analytics to get statistics and determine what tracks are popular at the moment. The more mass appeal that your track has, the more likely it will go viral.[17]

6Be patient.


It may take a lot of time and hard work for your songs to go viral. Continue to hone your craft, practice your music, and build your fanbase. The more popular you are as an artist, the more likely you'll eventually go viral.


4Creating a Successful Podcast

1Choose an interesting podcast topic.

Selecting a podcast topic that has an existing niche fan base will increase the number of people who listen to your show. Identify a niche that you're familiar with within a larger community to determine what your podcast should be about.[18]

Podcast topics can include politics, social issues, wellness tips, music, celebrity rumors, or interesting stories.

2Use the proper audio equipment.

Poor audio quality will turn new listeners off and lower the chances of your Soundcloud going viral. Make sure that you use high-quality microphones and recording equipment so that people can understand the podcast.[19]

Popular podcasting microphones include the Heil PR-40, Samson Meteor, and the Blue Microphones from Yeti.[20]

3Develop dynamic host chemistry.

If it’s more than just one person, having dynamic, interesting, controversial, or funny hosts will increase the popularity of your podcast. Make sure to get hosts that have varying opinions and views to keep the podcast interesting and to encourage lively debate.[21]

4Secure interesting and compelling interviews.


The guests that you invite onto your podcast will influence your fans and audience. Get guests that fit within the scope of your podcast and invite people who have a large fan following. Even if people don’t know your podcast, the interview may go viral.[22]


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