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Everything You Need to Know Before Signing Up for Twitter

Why It's Fun

When you "follow" different users, you can get quirky insider updates about whatever or whomever interests you. As you "tweet," people will follow you, too. Tweeting at celebrities and politicians can, thrillingly, elicit a response.

Why It's Useful Twitter is the fastest way to stay up on the news in real time. When Hurricane Sandy rocked the East Coast in late 2012, people found first aid, public-service info, food, and shelter — and Wi-Fi — all via Twitter.

How to Work It Join the public dialogue on any topic by searching for a word or phrase preceded by the hashtag symbol ("#") — from "#DIYHalloweencostumes" to "#NBAdraft" to "#TheBachelor."

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Skip It If... You could never manage to say anything in 140 characters or less — and you don't enjoy random acts of brevity, even from close friends.

Bet You Didn't Know It's perfectly acceptable to follow others without feeling the slightest pressure to be clever: Forty percent of users only read others' tweets and never tweet themselves.

How to Write the Perfect Tweet Encapsulating deep thoughts in a few sentences is a haiku-like art. How to master it:

Share witty musings and ideas. Become an expert. Use #hashtags n abbrevs. Think before u send. Retweet! And remember: Humor always works.


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